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It came to that time of the year I was buzzing for my trip to France at Eden's lake in st Pierre la bost It was the 3rd of October 2am when I left Watford after picking my friend up as we travelled round the m25 me saw there had been disruptions on the channel tunnel this was due to a intrusion on the train tracks this had delayed us 4 hours, it was half past 8 when we eventually got on the train. After a short train crossing we where on the motorway and blasting along it was 6 hour journey which turned out to be a bit longer as we got lost by going past the venue 140 miles as the satnav had the wrong address, by the time we got the venue it was 9:30pm and we were shattered it was a case of meet the bailiff and have a beer unload the van flick the rods out and start a fresh in the morning. The morning came and it was game face after wasting the day before I found 3 spots to fish mesh bags and stringers too the first bite came in the evening, I had managed to land my self a lovely 27lb mirror. Rods back on the spot we settled in for the first night nothing came as we awoke Monday morning just a few beeps from the kingfisher bouncing on the rod tips. We enjoyed our day watching the water the large fish rolling and fizzing up, 14:30 I had my next take a heavy fish charging around at range after a 10 minute battle I had my prize a cracking 43lb mirror a new PB. with the rods back out we sat through the night looking at the stars I was rudely awoken at 2 am with a few squeals from my delkim to which I found the reel of my rod pushed up against the alarm and nothing on the end I had been done and was highly annoyed I redone a rig put a bag back on and out to the same spot, just over 4 hours later sitting the asking my self what had a happened I had a take on the same rod alarm screaming and reel spinning I picked up in to a good fish It came in to the margin rather easily then It started using all its power bending my rods round to the butt section after 5 minutes I had my prize a decent common I popped it on the scales and it went round to 40lb which I was extremely happy with I popped in the sling for half hour to wit the light to come just as I woke my mate back up to the pictures the left had rod let rip and I was in to another good fish this one just kiting to the left making its way down the lake, I gained line and got the fish in to the margin I unleashed all hell spraying water all over us trying to power away in the deep margins after 3or for big lunges I had a prize and my only words were IT IS MASSIVE I popped the fish in to a sling and picked it up in to the cradle after removing the net and hoisting her on the scales they went round to 55lb .08oz another new personal best 2 in half hour common and mirror I was so happy the smile on my face was huge. after the pictures were done we tucked in to awesome breakfast we relaxed for the rest of the day, sitting the doing nothing for the day after working the spots my right hand rd let off a nice melody and I was in to another fish from what I could feel not as big as the last ones I had a peach of a mirror in the net at 26.8 with pictures done I had a look at the news on my phone which revealed we was about to catch the tail end of a hurricane from America, right on cue the wind picked up and we had our self a hurricane and we was bivvy bound. Midnight was the next take but not for me my friend ben was now in on a spot wee had been working on the wind was howling the rain was sideways and 10 mins of being soaked ben had is prize just as it hit the net the wind and rain let up enough time for a few pictures and a brew, we went back to a our caves and slept the night away. Wednesday was different day the sun was out the odd shower here and there the fish just didn't play ball I didn't receive a single bleep but I did keep my self amused catching pumpkin seeds on a fake maggot and bendy stick. Thursday came around and it was different storey the temp had dropped down to 7 degrees at night and thought my chance were over due to fishing a shallow end of the lake but 7pm my left had rod fished at range ripped off and I had another hard fighting fish on 10 mins of playing the fish I had it in the net another monster this time spinning the scales round to 46lb.


Friday was here and there was a could feeling in the morning but temperature's sored to 29 degrees I was hoping this would give me one last opportunity for a big fish but it didn't but I was more than happy with the rewards I had captured.. The pva components that helped me catch these creatures were 35mm mesh, pva string to make the stringers and pva cable ties on the lead to make sure that it had ejected on the take.

Luke Godman

Last update: Oct 19, 2015


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