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Well this was to be a great session to remember, This was the first time taking my son Rylen fishing with me he is only 4 years old and although he was not actually fishing he enjoyed every minute of it and I also believe my little man brought me good luck.

I started fishing around 9pm on the Friday night before the thunderstorm hit us!!! I was getting a few liners and could see a few fish showing over my baited areas so I was feeling pretty confident of a bite. At around 1am when the thunder started so did the bite's "there might be something worth noting about this" as the whole lake seemed to come alive and fished very well all round.

The first fish was a very distinctive character as it had bits missing from it's tail and went 32lb 2oz "I was very happy with this fish" It took me a around twenty minutes to get the rods back out fishing as it wiped out the other two rods. I also topped up the bait as I was going for the little but often approach. The bait I was using for this session was Mad Baits Wicked Whites, Asbo and Addiction I used a few different sizes so I could keep alternating the hook bait size, I believe this gets you a few more bites.


My next bite was around 4am this fish was to elude capture, I had to jump in the boat as the fish had weeded me up. I hate losing fish but unfortunately it's to be expected on Monks pit as it really is a weedy venue this is something that's hard to get your head round "losing so many fish"

The next bite was not long after in fact it was only 30mins after baiting up, it's was becoming quite clear to me that these fish wanted feeding. That fish went 21lb 1oz and was a real hard fighter by this time my son Rylen had finally woken up after sleeping through the thunderstorm and me trying to wake him up as well for the first fish. He was very overwhelmed by the size of the fish and joined me for a father and son photo. I was really happy to see him taking such a liking to our sport as he had not really shown much interest before "one happy father" 

I then stepped up on the baiting approach by spodding out 10mm bolies and spreading 16mm bolies with a throwing stick. This really did pay off and was a good gamble, I went on to land 6 fish in total one double, three twenty's and two thirty's to 34lb 3oz but did manage 10 bites loosing 4 fish.


I was using the Ashima C410's and C887's on the business end of my rigs, my rigs of choice was the multi and blow back snowman. Again big 4oz leads from buzz tackle and Castaway Pva cable ties this is to ensure am dropping my lead on every take in my opinion this is a must in weedy waters.

I was fishing a very tight weeded area of the lake which really does test your tackle and abilities to the maximum.....

Two weeks pass......... and I return once again with my good luck charm Rylen!!! This was quite a frustrating session for me, for the first 24hrs it rained solid and it was very clear that I had chosen the wrong swim, However I did check the weather forecast and I knew the fish would turn up at some point....

So I stuck to my guns so to speak and carried on regardless, I primed all my spots with a mix of Mad Baits Asbo, Addiction and Wicked White boilies. My rig choice for this session was different to what I had previously been using going all out on a snowman presentation using the Ashima C410's on the business end. I was using Pva foam nuggets to prevent tangles on the cast and to stop my long hair wrapping around the hook which would hinder my rig as useless. Once again a big 4oz square lead from Buzz Tackle to set the hook and Pva cable ties to ensure I drop it on the take.
I managed three bites in total but unfortunately lost two of them in the kelp "very frustrating" but it's the nature of this water.

Was very happy to land a nice 26lb 3oz Mirror   "The Blank Saver"


My next session was not until another 3 weeks later after a family holiday in turkey this was a right head bended resulting in a blank I actually ended up packing down early I really was not feeling it and struggled from start to finish "what did I do wrong" my good luck charm was at home recovering from jet lag, What a downer as they always say it's fishing not catching blar blar.....


Anyway as I had a settle to score I returned a week later this time with a fully recovered Rylen I started the session on a Saturday morning rather than rushing from work on a Friday night as it was the bank holiday weekend and I could fish until Monday, True to form my little man pulled it out the bag for me bringing me good luck.........


My first fish turned out to be one of the A-Team known as Mojo at 38lb 1oz, She gave a great account of herself almost flat rodding me when I first lifted into her. She is still down in weight after spawning as this is one of the known 40's, that's one of my target fish crossed off the list. I did fish a little different to normal going in with a heavy baiting approach getting through 10kg of boiles in this session. Weather that has anything to do with it am not sure but my good luck charm had blessed me once again. I was fishing 44yards upto a heavy weeded area of the lake, real hit and hold fishing at it's best, my bait of choice for this session was the ever faithful Asbo, Addiction and Wicked Whites presented on a snowman rig with a Ashima C410 on the business end. Again a big 4oz square lead to drive the hook home and Pva cable tie to ensure I drop the lead on the take. 


What started out to be a very good session soon turned into a nightmare as I actually had 7 chances in total but only landed two of them, I know I've said it before but the weed in Monks can be brutal. Am still very happy with the outcome regardless of the five fish lost, Mojo at 38lb 1oz and another Monks pit character at 26lb 10


To be continued in the next issue of Carp'O'Holics


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