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Welcome to blog 2 of my cast-away pva diary, this time just a few days whilst out guiding and again making sure everyone on the trip was settled in I decided not to fish the first night as I was shattered but get everything ready for the next few days.

This time I was going to work at going round the lake stalking so rig were my same 18” long hook lengths but with size 6 Talon Tips from Gardner and I was still using my LFB from Madbaits but the snow man was a 14mm bottom bait with a 10mm pink pop up dip in food soak and paste wrapped.

This time I got ready about 100 small Pva bags using the 25mm mesh from Cast-away filled with boilies crumb and 1 Pva nugget inside the bag aswell so when stalking I could just place the hook very quickly though the bag and nugget and cast. Te second swim I looked in was alive with tails and fizzing from feeding fish where I’d baited the day before, so with hookbaits and bags ready 2 rods were quickly lowered in the margins, It didn’t trake long and the first fish was bank and wow a long mean 41lb 8oz common quickly followed by a 37lb 4oz common, the baiting and tactic’s had worked.

Over the next few days I went on to bank a dozen more smaller fish from 16lb up to 26lb, using my stalking bag method which entails instead of just freely bait a few area’s I was putting about 10 35mm mesh bags of crumb with a couple of 14mm boilies to mimic my hookbaits in each spot, so when the carp came along my actual rig they were use to the little bag of crumb with a couple of boilies in.

Along with the 12 smaller fish I managed to finish the session with a few good fish aswell a 31lb 4oz mirror and commons of 34lb, 37lb, and 2 more fortys weighing in at 44lb and 48lb 2oz, so it goes to show even in France the one bite at a time method really works.

Tight lines til part 3.

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